Here's an oldie, but a goodie.  Chris' keynote presentation at Steubenville Mid-America 2011 in St. Louis, Missouri.  Chris makes us laugh and challenges us to greatness!

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Chris speaks on God's call upon our lives to be holy in the way he has called us.

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Redemptive Suffering Chris ties in an experience he had during the summer of '08 with the concept of redemptive suffering.
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Let the Little Children Come Unto Me Chris records his little boy, Kolbe, singing Light of the World.  This is followed up by Kolbe and his older brother, Noah, leading the family rosary.
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Living Sacrifices Christ looks at the twelve chapter of Paul's Letter to the Romans and speaks about the transformation, the renewal of our minds.  We are called to be living sacrifices in union with Jesus. 
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God's Word to You Chris looks at the first chapter of the Gospel of John and compares it to the first chapter of Genesis.  This is a short meditation on the eternal Word of God.
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A Eucharistic People Chris talks about the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, a personal passion for the Mass, and Chapter 6 of the Gospel of John.
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Walk by the Spirit Chris takes a look at Galatians 5:16 and asks the question, "How do we walk by the Spirit and so not gratify the desires of the flesh?"
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The Hail Mary, Worldwide Chris runs around with a digital voice recorder at World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany, recording the Hail Mary in different languages.  This episode shows the beauty of the catholicity - the universality - of the Church.  You'll hear this beautiful prayer prayed in many different tongues including Swedish, Swahili, Portuguese, Greek, German, Mandarin Chinese, Latin, French, Polish, Tamil, Italian, Spanish, and of course: English.
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Padgett Ponderings This episode consists of five ponderings recorded by Chris: (1) Movement and Momentum, (2) Be not conformed to this world - Romans 12:2, (3) Hearily sorry for my sins - Reconciliation, (4) Be still - Psalm 46:10, (5) Personal encounter - 1 John 1.
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The Vocation of Marriage Too many times, marriage today expresses self-gratifying tendencies.  it is certainly not perceived to be sacramental in the world's eyes, yet even within our Church the tendency for married couples to divorce is rampant!  This episode addresses the importance of self-sacrifice, complete self-donation, and ongoing loving expression within marriages today.
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Blessed, Broken, Given Chris looks at the Bible passage that recounts when Jesus fed over 5,000 people from the small gift of fish and bread given by a young boy.  Just like this child, we are called to give what we have to the Master even though it may seem insignificant in the world's eyes.  Even so, Jesus takes our gift, breaks it, blesses it, and uses it to feed others.  This keynote reflects upon the Holy Eucharist and our call to be willing and generous in response to the Master's request: "give them something to eat."
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Choosing the Father One of Chris' most popular talks, Choosing the Father recounts the Parable of the Prodigal Son in Chapter 15 of the Gospel of Luke.  Chris reflects on how our personal choices impact who we are as individuals as well as all of us together, collectively.  Beyond our choices, there are things which come into our lives that are totally out of our control, and these things may shake us to our core.  Overall, it is important to ground ourselves primarily in the love of Christ so that we may effectively battle those unexpected events that blindside us in life.  With comedic reflection and Biblical insight, this talk will minister to you where you are.
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Chris Padgett's Conversion Story Listen to Chris as he gives testimony to the ways God led him and his beautiful wife, Linda, into the bosom of the Catholic Church.
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